Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yes, yes! I have been super vigilant about updating my blog - as you can tell by my latest entry just the other week month ..ok..almost a YEAR ago! 

With my return comes awesome news! We are off to Sweden/Finland for two and a bit weeks over August.
We will be attending a very special wedding and have jammed as much as we can into the entirety of the trip that remains! 
Which is where my ever neglected blog comes into play!

Tim's brother Derek and his fiance Sus!
The Bride and Groom :)

My three angelic, perfectly well behaved, gorgeous mannered, never tantruming, all night sleeping children will be staying at home with Grandma and Pa (*snickers* suckers!! *ahem*) so I thought I best document our travels so they can see what a blast  how much Mummy and Daddy are missing them and all the wonderful things we see along our way! 

It kinda sounds cruel actually. However unintentional it is! What evil parents we are. 
Galavanting off to Europe then posting all our wonderful pictures on a blog just to rub it in some more! 
*Weeeeeee Mummy and Daddy are off on holidays...WITHOUT YOU! 
Here's some wonderful photos, just to make you more sad you aren't with us?!*
I'm sure all the goodies we buy out of guilt along the way will more than make up for it once we return, that and the fact they will have an absolute ball with Pa and G-Unit!

They are quite excited in reality. 
Tobi about Pa walking him to school in the morning 
while (in his words) "Grandma COOKS ME DINNER" 

*makes mental note to take extra suitcase for Grandma's goodies 
that we also will need to buy out of guilt*

Taylah about being able to do absolutely everything she's not normally allowed to do, 
but Mummy's in a different country and time zone so what can be done about it until it's too late stuff! 

And Owen, well I'm sure he'll be excited that someone new 
is getting up to him when he wakes multiple times a night 
(oh crap! I said they slept through didn't I? *shhh*)

Then there's the rest of you nosey beggars ;)
Whom I can't bring back guilt gifts for (as insanely jealous as you are)
that will have to suffice with the gift of photography and rambles by yours truly!

To kick off the photos (and envy) here is a photo of Korstäppans Manor where we will be staying overnight after the wedding!! 

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